Purpose:          David and Leonard cannot instruct all the children by ourselves.  We need help.  We believe that volunteer parents will do the best job of training the children to play soccer.  We believe this because you have a vested interest, they are your children.   

Experience:    You DO NOT need to know anything about soccer to be a trainer.  What we are looking for are people that are willing to learn the sport and will be patience when teaching.  The leagues are set up to teach the sport of soccer and to have fun.  Winning is not one of our considerations.  Children of this age are so unpredictable, at one time they will be brilliant and the next forget what to do. Therefore there is no pressure on the trainer in this respect. 

Functions:       The content of each practice has been prepared for you and has been laid out in a booklet.  The trainers will facilitate the practice according to the schedule set out in the trainerís manual.  During the matches, the trainers will substitute players, call fouls and help on restarts. 

Training:         Saturday, March 15 - 9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. training session for ALL age groups

                           The training sessions will be held at the Bartlett Blvd. Soccer Park.



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